Pain is your friend. ☀️


After a lifetime of hounding authors for advice, I’ve heard three truths from every mouth:

(1) Writing is painful — it’s ‘fun’ only for novices, the very young, and hacks;

(2) other than a few instances of luck, good work only comes through revision;

(3) the best revisers often have reading habits that stretch back before the current age, which lends them a sense of history and raises their standards for quality.



I thought I could exist in a vacuum. Attain independence and rationality.

I’m just a product of my hereditary, upbringing, hormone, culture, anxiety, education, politics, and socioeconomic status. What I see, what I read, what I experience: all is embedded in me.

Our brain and being are wired for changing circumstances. I have to learn live with all that. accept the hell and heaven of other people.

What will become of me after a decade from now? Moving shifting changing til we cease to exist. Til the vacuum comes.

Revise !

Scrap Thoughts

It’s never about who’s better than you. There will be plenty, dead and alive.

It’s always about how you could get better, edit and revise.

We’ll become a work of our lifetime: a sum of fractures, success, and failure.