I guess God is skeptical, too.

Scrap Thoughts

Are you in the existential crisis? Because I’m too.

We’re similar in a non-specific way. We’re in the same boat called Earth floating in vast space. I guess God is skeptical, too. Just like us.

I’d like to imagine an imperfect god with an average looking, with mild depression, schizophrenia and also bipolar disorder. He worries he has anxiety so he woke up to do some anxiety test. He got a low score so now he can rest.

He can’t sleep sometimes feeling helpless and hopeless. He doesn’t know how humans evolve from primate or single cell organism.

God wears UNIQLO, so plain you dismiss his presence on public transportation. His hobby includes thinking about the life he doesn’t live, staring at a hole in the wall, staring at the dust in a glass half full or half empty.

Maybe god is a female. or god is gender fluid. His inbox is flooded with junk emails, just like us. He loves the smell of hospital. You say it smells like death.

He doesn’t care. Why would you?