Found from notebooks


I collect beautiful sentences. It sounds absurd to you. I’m collecting them for pleasure like those millions of hand cream you have but you won’t use.

These are ones from my notebooks:

  • If you have perfect kidney no one knows or cares about it. ( For now, I want a perfect anygdala so I have well regulated emotions.)
  • World became suffering when you want people to do things they don’t want to, mind your own business maybe.
  • The brain has no access to the world outside. Sealed within the dark silent chamber of your skull. Your brain has never experienced to the external world and it never will.
  • How can heart be broken? When everything happens in your brain. All chemical. All chemical. We’re just processors. I’m just observer of my own feelings.
  • We captured the untruth of our romanticized moments.
  • You suck, science confirms.
  • Am I the only one who thinks human computer interaction is very very getting cute.