Writing as therapy.


I have posted too often lately. I should keep my messy thoughts to myself, let it brew. I decide that private morning pages will keep me sane.

We all fear we will become irrelevant before the sunset.

We are in rush for dopamine driven stories, we have to say it first without precision and caution of consequences. I need more pondering, reflecting, contemplating before speaking out.

When I look at Oliver Sacks‘ wonderful life, I want to make things that will stay in long run. I’m tired of fads and hype. I’m tired of chasing metrics.

Looking at his notes. He had thousands of notebook. A lot of revision before getting it out to the world. I have to ponder why I write at all. Is it all about growing my egocentric personality? 🙂

list of Oliver Sacks reason why he writes

  • understand
  • put in perspective
  • describe
  • explain
  • share
  • express myself
  • speak for others
  • recollect
  • tell stories
  • relate
  • narrate
  • “fix” in words
  • find verbal equivalent
  • define
  • categorize
  • generalize
  • create beauty
  • seduce
  • evoke

Write and rewrite until you won’t stay up at night regret about it tomorrow or next life. The virtue should worth the energy and resource that runs it.

This is patience. I have got a lot to do in the process. I don’t want to cut and paste. I’m tired of collages.

Writing is an escape. It is a therapy and it is a cure of my madness, a ticket to digging into my own experience and opinions.

I design for a living. But I write to learn, to shape my brain, to change my mind. It is my leisure.

From Inquiring Mind, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has crush on Oliver Sacks. He motivates me and others be a better human being. To stay curious in our own mind and processors.

joy, wisdom, experiments and insights !

There are things I can’t download from the internet. I get it from talking to people, living with them, fighting with them, learning their problems, flaws and insecurities.

I don’t want to be god the maker. I want to god the listener.

I will keep this in mind that writing is not about trying to impress people how intelligent I am. It’s about telling relatable stories, wonderful facts, fresh perspective.

Being clever or dumb, it doesn’t matter. The art of communication with other human being with precision and pleasure is tempting.

There is a lot to do. I’m a work in progress. Life is a process that could take decades.

I’m not hurried.


Two years Grandma Death anniversary. 💕