Writing a CV with Identity Crisis

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I’m updating my CV and resume after a while just in case. I just want to write it out and summarize who I am at work side. It’s not really a crisis.

I’ve learned that I’m an outsider of every industry; tech, design, art or editorial. I hope it is sweet and fine at the intersection. I hope the magic happens. I’m a salad of many roles with some mix of skillsets I acquired along the way. I’m just room temperature water that will fit any container shape.

I worked for 4 years now. Looking back, I just did and tried what my job leads me to. The result is I never feel like an expert on any particular subject. That might be correct to feel so because I’m still young and inexperienced.

I don’t feel lost or desperate for precise definition. It just gets confusing when I introduce myself to new people. We will transform in a very changing, chaotic and fluid landscape of work life.

Lots of unknown factor for the upcoming future, I can’t pretend I figure it all out. But I’m not anxious. I’m just curious and confused.

It’s been fun and I have been very lucky. I’m willing to do more, know more and learn more. It’s a long long way to go.