Vacation and Two Months Updates ⛰


It’s been a while. I decide to deactivate my facebook account again for more focus. I just want to update what happens in past two month.

I quit Fungjai and Salmon. I just start new job for 3 days a week. This time i work more on Tech & Data Journalism. I have to learn a lot more to integrate effectively.

I was on vacation to the forest in the south and it really cleared my head space

Last month, I went trekking and visit an island in the south with a friend. This time is really nice.

The water flow was strong in this season. The trees are so green. This view is right in front of our tree house.
My friend set up the rope for wet clothe hanging. Very scout like in a peaceful way. No shouting. Calm survival skill session.
We went to swim so many times.
the bamboo was huge. the trekking was half day and easy!

I think I find my new favorite hobby. Walking in the wood clears up my mind and improve my weak spatial ability. We went to swim in fresh water and the water flow was strong. I felt so good I might come back.

Island in Low Season is Bliss

We went to the Raya Island in Phuket. It was low season. We felt like we own the island. The rocky beach is fun to practice ! My friend is a strong swimmer while I just sit under the sun, trying to read and think about life.

Our hotel private island. We are the only guests in the whole vast resort. The staffs are like 40s. and It’s just two of us
Always look out. Tsunami can happen any time.
Me in vacation manner !
Our last sunset at Patok Bay

Back to July

Now, I’m back to work and learning on new culture and new discipline. I have to be serious in working again after a year of slacking off. I have to focus and learn more and sync with faster pace. People in my team are very kind and active. I get to work with Jug, whom I really admire. She’s the best kind of people to work with, smart kind and humble with good quiet low key spirit.

I really dig the quirks of lowkey people. They lit the the corner like well designed lamp or cosy armchair. They are good listeners and they are so interesting.

I see everyone as a product or prototype of something larger than them. They belong to some systems and environment. They are the result and then become an impact.

In general, I think I got happier, more calm and learn to become more decisive. I learn that my capacity is limited. I have to choose what matters to me, what I could manage.

I get to keep in touch with many friends from the past. I am happy to be able to keep these people back in my life after so many years passed by. I am curious to learn how we all changed and shifted like plate tectonic.

Some change their mind about something. Some people have become very differen creature from me but I cherish on how we all grow and become comfortable in our own path at our own pace. I’m happy to observe the details and risk they take and life they live.

Every specie flourishes and dies in their own way. I have to observe them and take note carefully.

Running Practice

I start to run 2-3 days a week: 5-7 km. I still can’t make 10k yet but my stats get better in slow way. I never want to live too long. I just want to be healthy and have good life when I get old. I just want good life at the end and I have to invest my time and energy now for that.

Books are coming in a very slow pace

I try to write book but it’s really hard. I’m not used to work on long term personal project at all. I get used to work for somebody else or clients. This is new pain and pleasure for me. P Guy told me to relax a bit. I really hope so.

Ella suggests me 2 Japanese novels with Akutagawa Prize. Both books are really good and touch me in an intimate way. Convenience Store Woman & Lonesome Bodybuilder. She said it remind her of me. The protagonists are weird lonely woman who try to understand how society and humanity work its ways. Sounds like me.

I think I might apply for school and scholarship next year. Gotta get ready! Long way to go.

Vacation List

  • Melbourne (Circa Sep-October)
  • Fukuoka with Mom (December)
  • Chiang Mai (Circa Sep-October)
  • Uttaradit (???)
  • Bali (???)


  • Paris Next Year (Visit Pearpit)
  • New York (Visit Win)