Author: clumsycat



Cause of Death: Overthinking I’ve written so many essays which I can’t publish. It’s too intimate with private information. I envy those who could write their autobiography in honesty. I have been overthinking lately with so many issues in my mind. Possibilities and impossibilities are so overwhelming. I want to record all the feelings so I can look back in the future and analyze what’s wrong with me. It’s hard to accept that I’m this weak […]

Cause of death: waste of time 🥀


Hey. this doesn’t worth your anxiety and hospital fee in the future. Relax. Will I die in boredom? Get stuck. Lose all the potential. Forsake all the possibilities. Die. If I keep thinking about having an alternative life. I should get one.



Mode: In constant search of meaningful conversation that make me lose track of time. The rest of interaction is boredom, noise and being polite mode. 🙃