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wikipedia of everyone I know.

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Human beings are so rich in details when you get to know them. I want to make an instruction guidebook for every fellow I have. They all need to be handled differently with cautions. the evidence of knowing someone so well is when you know what hurts them most, but they trust you to never hurt them.

Pain is your friend. ☀️


After a lifetime of hounding authors for advice, I’ve heard three truths from every mouth: (1) Writing is painful — it’s ‘fun’ only for novices, the very young, and hacks; (2) other than a few instances of luck, good work only comes through revision; (3) the best revisers often have reading habits that stretch back before the current age, which lends them a sense of history and raises their standards for quality. Mary Karr, The […]



I thought I could exist in a vacuum. Attain independence and rationality. I’m just a product of my hereditary, upbringing, hormone, culture, anxiety, education, politics, and socioeconomic status. What I see, what I read, what I experience: all is embedded in me. Our brain and being are wired for changing circumstances. I have to learn live with all that. accept the hell and heaven of other people. What will become of me after a decade […]

Statistic insignificance 💘


I’m not statistically significant at all. I’m just one sample size. I’m just another person who is alive. I can’t speak for anyone. I can’t speak for me. I can only cite and sleep on a pile of references. I’m just a boring human being with no experience. I haven’t been anywhere. I haven’t done anything. Why would my insight matter? Personal essay was dead before I came to live. How can I be so […]