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happy consequence / coincidence


I keep thinking about my bad decisions in my youth. It was not that bad after all.  I was just an awkward adolescent: a forever dork in every life department, a social handicap who learns to fit in and go with the flow.  I went to random parties, met random strangers, had a bunch of random conversations which brought me to long-term friendships. Gladfully they last longers than one night, a couple weeks, or a […]


Scrap Thoughts

Losers like to pose as the winner. Winners like to joke about being a loser. Pretty women think they are ugly. Best people have their largest pool of insecurity and so on. Watching people play mental game is my sport. What a fun thing to watch: human beings in action and interaction

Empathy of Understanding


One night my son screams that there is a monster in the closet.  I said “There is no monster in the closet why are you afraid?” But actually my son wanted me to validate his emotional experience. First way to communicate to across the gap of mindset is acknowledging that people who embraces conspiracy theory, supernatural, paranormal beliefs, they are doing so for emotional needs. The first step is to acknowledging emotional reality for those […]

How selfish I could be

Scrap Thoughts

I might like to hack the biology behind your smile, and figure out the color of your eyes.  Darling, nothing can beat my adequate sleeping time. If you mess with my schedule, I have to say goodbye. That’s how selfish I could be. Your heart is just a group of mindless muscle. I don’t want your heart. I want to occupy your brain.  I want to own your every neuron. I want to be embedded in […]