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Revise !

Scrap Thoughts

It’s never about who’s better than you. There will be plenty, dead and alive. It’s always about how you could get better, edit and revise. We’ll become a work of our lifetime: a sum of fractures, success, and failure.

Missing Opportunity

Scrap Thoughts

Torschlusspanik This German word is used to denote the feeling that time passes very quickly. It’s a feeling we experience, over the years, especially if we are not satisfied with what we have achieved in life. It also leads to the sensation of feeling on the verge of missing the train, the fear of losing the opportunity of a lifetime.


Scrap Thoughts

I want to know how it feels to be other people, how it feels like to run on different processor, think with different brain, see with different lens, feel with different nerves. Now we’re stuck in this biological version of ours, trying to make the best of it. 🤕